Simon BolducSimon Bolduc is an electrical engineer who has been working in telecommunications for over twenty five years. Simon started his telecom carreer as a fiber optics telecom system installer in 1986 – before SONET was introduced! Having worked in large companies including Bell Canada, Bell Northern Research and Northern Telecom (Nortel), he then chose to become a salesman for optical test equipment manufacturers namely Anritsu then WG. Afterwards, Simon decided to start his own business representing telecom test products manufacturers and also assembling optical cords. Simbol Test Systems Inc. was born in January 2000 and started selling Ando, ​​Gnubi, Innocor and JDSU equipment on the Canadian market.

After the “techno” bubble burst, Simon saw an opportunity to switch his sales activities from new equipment to used fiber equipment, still focusing on the optical test and measurement sector. Taking the bet that these devices would become in demand after the downturn, he made a leap of faith and invested all of the company remaining cash in the purchase of equipment that major industry players were liquidating. This turned out as a huge success and AssetRelay, a division of Simbol Test Systems Inc., soon became the largest supplier of used telecom and optical test products in the world with more than 10,000 items in stock.

AssetRelay was always keen on supplying fully functional products meeting manufacturers’ specifications.  To do so, in the very first year of AssetRelay, a full time technician was hired and calibration of all products before shipping was standard practice.  As the business grew, more technicians were hired and Simbol decided to extend the technical repair and calibration services to the world, in addition to servicing its own internal customers.  Today, Simbol has a full team of qualified technicians and performs repair work for most optical telecom components companies worldwide and many large telecom transport equipment manufacturers.  Simbol is especially renowned for quality and expertise.

Following significant investment in research and development, Simbol Test Systems launched its own line of products: Photonic Communication Instruments. Branded PhotonCom, these products are targeted at specific applications and respond to particular needs expressed by customers. In addition to the development of new products, PhotonCom offers turn key solutions including test station design and test automation software programation.

Simbol Test Systems focuses its business entirely in the sales and service of optical and telecom test equipment. Involved in e-commerce and the international distribution of highly specialized products for over 13 years, the company continues to be at the leading-edge of technology.

Behind these achievements, a passionate entrepreneur who believes in the importance of “doing the right thing”.  Leader, visionary, Simon shares his expertise with his team and communicates with enthusiasm the values ​​which made his success.

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